MAROKKA Geometric Design is an eco-friendly London design house with a passion for animals and our planet. 


All our designs are registered and created exclusively by the Marokka Team.
We hope your purchase will bring you a lot of pleasure for many years to come.


All our packaging is eco-friendly and every sculpture comes with its own certificate of authenticity and displays our 'M' logo.


We want to leave the world a better place than how we found it, and we know the best way to do that is only to work with people that share our ethos and commit to ethical and sustainable working practises.

Our artisan designers craft each of our sculptures and designs lovingly to bring them to life boldly and bravely. Through our creations, we will create positive change simply, beautifully, and with a cheeky wink and smile.

Charity is a key feature of our brand's DNA and we are pleased to partner with the incredible Aspinall Foundation and DOTS ( Dogs on the Street) where we donate 10% of all our sales.


All our candles are made in England in collaboration with Half Cut CandlesAll our candles are made from recycled wine bottles and natural wax.

We take the time to perfect and craft all our original and totally unique scents. We test our candles for the optimum amount of fragrance so as not to overpower but still have an amazing scent throw.
Our products are vegan made using no petrochemicals or harsh substances.
We do not test on animals and do not use products tested on animals. All of our candles & packaging can be recycled.


Many candles are made from paraffin all of which are a by-product of the petroleum industry. These have been shown to release an alarming range of volatile organic compounds that can be problematic to health.