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Meet FRANK, Marokka's first ever sculpture and a future design icon.
From the moment the first prototype of Frank began forming on the 3D printer, we fell in love with him and he is now available in 4 colours

Frank's sharp, clean lines make him the perfect piece of modern sculpture for home or office. His classic design feel and subtle playfulness means that every time you look at him, you'll feel like smiling.
I know we do in our office!

We call him A Dog for Life, because you'll never want to get rid of him....
Each sculpture bears the Marokka logo, as a hallmark of its authenticity and the care that went into its creation, and comes with a certificate attesting to its authenticity.

Handmade in recyclable plastic with his Eco-friendly packaging. He is the perfect gift.

Designed in London. 


Product Specifications:
Height: 305mm
Width:  167mm
Depth:  275mm
Weight: 800g

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