Handmade Natural Wax Candles

Welcome to our sustainable candle range and your happy home.

Vegan, Sustainably Made with Low Environmental Impact.

Premium range is made from recycled wine bottles, using the finest ingredients that we have custom made, natural wax and finished with a handmade Geometric lid incorporating a miniature Nickel Pewter geometric charm of a French Bulldog, Gorilla, Heart, Cheetah or Skull.

These are a Candle for life as you only need to buy the lids once and then you can purchase the candle bases separately once it’s finished .

They can also be used as a storage jar for cosmetics, office items or food items as the lid is sealed.

We also have our Classic range which are made with large copper or silver tins again all recyclable. These come with two 3D printed geometric hearts and a card message saying "All you need is one true friend"

We will also be adding mini charms to this range soon that you can add to a bracelet of necklace.

All our packaging is Eco-friendly and products come in beautiful black tube containers.

10% to charity with every purchase .

Handmade in England using our own designs.

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